Tory Jackman Photography

About Tory Jackman
I was raised in the mountains of Utah in a family where art was a passion to take hold of and run. My mother taught ballet and on the side was a great artist. My father is a Wildlife Biologist and has been blessed to be able to do just about everything. He was a Photographer, Sculptor, and Woodcarver along with oils on canvas. My father also taught Wilderness Survival which is where a lot of my passion for Nature Photography came from. Art ran rampant in my family. I have a brother that is a Folk singer along with being an incredible artist and a sister who is also an artist; both have been blessed enough to create their passion for a living. As a family we were always hiking and backpacking and my father was continually showing us little survival tricks along with pointing out the beauty that existed along the way. We usually explored in the mountains of Utah or the deserts of the southwest, hiking and looking for the beauty that existed there.

As a photographer I started out shooting wedding and family portraiture. I realized early from this experience that my passion was being out shooting images in the wilderness. I finally decided in order to move my focus back to my passion of nature photography I would have to put an end to the wedding and family portraiture. I feel It was an extremely good move. I have been able to get out and explore the places that I love and soak up the passion I have for the wild places.

I have spent the majority of my life in the wilderness, either in the mountains of the west or the deserts of the southwest. Ever since I was very small I have had an extreme love for the wilderness and the life that exists there. There is so much to see that isn’t the obvious and this is what I work to capture in my photography. I can sit for hours and absorb what is there – from the glimpse of a mushroom that has caught my eye to the extravagance of a landscape just brushed over with snow. I feel that I have been very blessed to be able to experience what I have and to be able to capture this for others to see and feel. In this fast-paced world, my goal is for you to sit a while and share in my portrayal of a “glimpse beyond the obvious.”